Fabrication Metal works is known for its innovative designs producing specialized solutions to accommodate our customers. With the pandemic hitting the world, the pattern of innovative streak has changed. To keep up with the changing times we are now introducing Disinfection Walkthrough Sanitization Gates. People all over the world are being extra cautious about their safety and hygiene to avoid any chance of contracting the covid-19 virus hence why we have started producing specialized disinfecting equipment to counter the growing need of this equipment. Walkthrough Sanitization Gates are not the only equipment that is being produced by Fabrication Metal Works, but Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Disinfection Atomizer, and Atomizer Disinfectant Spray Gun are to name few. These equipment are the need of the time as mobilizing and also taking care of safetyis important.

To battle the pandemic, the best way is to sanitize and disinfect frequently. Walkthrough sanitization gate sprays disinfectant and minimizes any chances of cross-infection. To further prioritize safety we also offer aTouch less hand sanitizer dispenser to easily clean hands after coming in contact with anyone or anything. Our touch less hand sanitizer dispenser comes with a foot pedal whichmakes it convenient and safe to use as human contact is minimized. Furthermore, to make sure that your surroundings are also disinfected, use Atomizer Disinfectant Spray Gun. This invention effortlessly disinfects every corner of a house, office, or any surface. It is also easy to handle and use. We also offer disinfectant sprayers, which are mobile, and can effectively disinfect every corner of the space. Aforementioned disinfecting products are versatile in their use, can be used everywhere from school, offices, malls to even houses.






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At Fabrication metal work, we believe that our values define us and keep us ahead of the competition. We strive to make sure that our designs are innovative, have the highest quality meeting all international standards and consumer compliance criteria. Our values are deeply integrated in our work and have helped us maintain accountability in this industry by helping us achieve company’s vision, aim and goals. And these include;